27 Jan Panasonic Launches New Heat Recovery Solution for Greater Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Lungs

As the latest example of Panasonic’s continued commitment to developing unbeatable, energy-efficient air conditioning technologies for commercial applications, the company has introduced a new heat recovery device. The unit features a DX Coil designed to recover up to 77% of the heat from outgoing air, and a Bioxigen® air purifying system which helps to improve air quality.

Panasonic’s new heat recovery solution performs well in extreme weather conditions and can achieve up to 77% efficiency (63% in enthalpy efficiency). The counter-flow heat exchanger reduces the air conditioning load, enabling customers – typically owners of hotels, restaurants and other large commercial buildings – to reduce their energy consumption and save on the cost of maintaining comfortable room temperatures.

Marc Diaz, UK and Ireland Country Manager for Panasonic Heating and Cooling, said: “Our new heat recovery solution with the DX Coil offers end-users an air conditioning product that is highly efficient, quiet and discrete. The unit is extremely intuitive and well-designed, whereby it will make good use of all available natural heat – lightening the system’s workload (i.e. the energy consumption) whenever possible. Its G4 energy-classed filters and air purifying capabilities are unique selling points as it provides customers with the peace of mind that they’re breathing in purer, healthier air”.

In even the most demanding commercial applications, business owners will benefit from the unit’s ability to by-pass the heat exchange process when the outside air temperature is cool enough for fresh air to be drawn directly inside (free cooling). This alleviates the load on the air conditioning equipment and consequently reduces energy bills. End-users can breathe easy knowing the Bioxigen® purifying system will continue to function, ensuring all inbound air undergoes a rigorous antibacterial treatment.
The supply section comes complete with the DX coil (using the environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant) – fitted with a solenoid control valve, freon filter, contact temperature sensors on the liquid and gas line, and NTC sensors on the upstream and downstream airflows. The built-in electric box is equipped with a PCB to control the internal fan speed and to interconnect the outdoor and indoor units, and the ducts are connected by circular plastic collars.
This ventilation unit is connected to an ECOi indoor unit (3.0kW, 4.0kW or 4.5kW) and can be controlled by the easy-to-use ECOi remote controller CZ-RTC2. This capability makes the system an excellent choice for hotels, offices (large and small), educational settings and other buildings requiring different temperatures in multiple rooms. The system also integrates easily with building management systems.

The heat recovery unit and filters can be accessed easily for scheduled maintenance, thanks to the removable side panel. The unit is self-diagnosing, making any maintenance straightforward and easy.

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