Our Service Philosophy
The business was founded and is based on the simple philosophy of providing the optimum level of service within our sector in Ireland. This ‘service’ principle means that our main objective is to give our clients the best combination available of the following:

  • Fast Response Time
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Time served, experienced technicians
  • Product Knowledge
  • Professional Workmanship
  • Continuous Training / Updates
  • Access to Service Management System
  • Choice of Product

We feel that many companies within our sector are primarily focused on ‘sales’ and invest the minimum possible on a service department, as they see it as a ‘necessary evil’. However, at Tech Refrigeration and Air Conditioning we hold the polar opposite view, as our company has been built from the service department up. It has largely been on the provision of this first class service that the company has grown over the years. The fact that we hold service contracts for most of Dublin’s major hospitals is evidence of the service level provided, as the speed and quality of response to equipment breakdown in these situations can be critical.


Service Technology / Investment

As we are constantly attempting to further improve and enhance the service to our clients, much of the financial investment has been in this area in recent years.

  • All of the service and sales vehicles are fitted with a GPS Satellite tracking system which serves many purposes including increasing technician productivity, minimizing the customer’s downtime, providing accurate billing hours and detailing a full historical audit trail for each technician and each job.
  • The Service Management System allows technicians to operate paper-free as all information is logged via their hand held XDA II. Benefits to the customer include access via their PC to all information relevant to their own equipment, real time invoicing and cost control, legible reports, equipment audits and ability to track response times, as call logging and arrival to/departure from site are all timed and dated. This in turn puts more pressure on our service department to meet these goals consistently and deliver optimum service levels for our customers.