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Tech TempReporter is an enterprise grade  temperature monitoring system developed specifically for use with refrigeration equipment.

High accuracy digital sensors transmit temperature information wirelessly to the cloud via a battery-powered sensor hub. The hub does NOT require WiFi or cellular connectivity, instead it uses radio network technology developed specifically to transfer small packets of sensor data to the cloud. Cloud-based temperature data is then available anywhere via the Tech Remote Signals mobile phone app.


Installation is easy. The sensor hub and temperature probes are put in position and the app is installed on the user’s phone. It’s that simple. Temperature information is available 24/7, 365 days a year via the app and a report is emailed to the email addresses set up for the device.

The sensor hub is offered as an indoor unit as standard. A robust outdoor version is also available. We can offer a system to meet all types of needs.

Use Cases, Alerts and Auto-reporting

image2Allowed temperature limits can be set within the mobile app, an auto-notification alert is sent to the user if temperature goes outside these via an alarm built into the app.

Historical temperature data can be accessed on demand and a report issued to the user’s email address pre-formatted to meet HACCP reporting requirements. Reports can be set to be automatically issued on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


The Tech TempReporter is ideal for all industries. In use, the system caters for a wide variety of cold storage monitoring applications. It can be quickly and easily deployed in pharmacy fridges, medicine storage rooms, food service fridges, freezers, chill display cabinets, walk-in cold rooms and freezer rooms etc.
The automatic alert capability allows for instant notification of temperatures which are out of specified limits. Temperature records are automatically maintained to facilitate compliance with HACCP reporting requirements.
For peace of mind, we also offer you 24/7 365 call out service on all catering and refrigeration equipment.

Technical Specifications

image3-jpgTemperature Sensors:

The sensor hub caters for one or two external temperature probes. Both use inherently accurate precision digital silicon temperature sensors.

Measurement range: -30o C to +72o C
Accuracy: within 0.5o C

Temperature probes are offered with flat or round cable options. The round cable version is a tough PVC sheathed 4mm shielded cable suitable for general purpose indoor and outdoor use. The flat cable version is intended for monitoring fridge temperatures where the cable entry is via the door rubber seal. The cable’s very thin profile ensures that the integrity of the fridge’s door seal is not affected. Temperature probes are available with 3 metre cables as standard. Custom lengths up to 8 metres are available on request.

Temperature measurement:

The system measures temperature at 5 minute intervals. The average of 6 such readings is calculated to give a stable temperature value for that 30 minute period. In normal operation, the app is updated at 60 minute intervals. The current average temperature reading, as well as the previous one from 30 minutes earlier, is sent to the app. In addition, if the current calculated average differs from the previous average by more than +/-2.5 degrees Celsius, then this is immediately notified to the app. This allows for prompt alerts being issued to the user in rapidly-changing temperature environments.


Tech TempReporter uses Sigfox, a low power wide area radio network system, with widespread coverage across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to offer fridge connectivity wherever required.


image4Tech TempReporter temperature probes are offered with traceable calibration certification. Contact for details of our calibration support scheme.  We offer the most cost-effective calibration solution on the market. Simply swop out your probes for new user replaceable calibrated probes. Never have to worry about calibration again. Tech Refrigeration and Air Conditioning will manage all of your calibration requirements, shipping you your new probes and even offering rebates on your returned older probes.

Mechanical details:

The sensor hub is offered with alternative enclosure options to suit fridges and walk-in cold room and freezer room deployments. Fridge unit dimensions 62mm x 32mm x 139mm. Walk-in room unit dimensions 92mm x 38mm x 162mm. Both have top and bottom flanges with 4 mounting holes for easy installation.


The sensor hub ships with either;
4 x AA L91 Energizer Ultimate Lithium Li/FeS2 types for longest life or
4 x AA E91 Energizer Max Alkaline (or equivalent).
Battery lifetime is 2 years +.

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as a free of charge download.  Search for ‘remotesignals’.


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